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Real Identity: Supermanium
Appearances (Episodes): Zoomsday
Powers/Skills: Impenetrable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Supermanium is the strongest metal in the universe. A shipment of it arrived at Gotham Docks to be picked up by the Batwheels and delivered to the Batcave. It became a target of Badcomputer and he tasked the Legion of Zoom with stealing it. The Legion had to learn to work together first. Prank threw pies at the Batwheels to blind them. Ducky cut the container loose with a trick umbrella. Snowy freezed the Batwheels' wheels. They passed the container around to confuse the Batwheels. Quizz flew off with it. They regrouped in Gotham Square but the Supermanium got too enticing and they fought over it. Jestah took off with it. The Batwheels cornered her at an intersection and locked her wheels then retook the Supermanium.