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Real Identity: Duke Thomas
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Bibi's Do-Over, Sidekicked To The Curb, Redbird's Bogus Beach Day, Rev and Let Rev, and Ace in the Hole
Appearances (Shorts): Rockin' Robin
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Above Average Agility, Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: AJ Hudson

Batman, Batgirl, and Robin split up to capture the Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler after they stole an armored vehicle. Robin chased Mr. Freeze into a tunnel and broke up the ice walls left behind with Redbird's Bat Laser. Robin soon learned Harley Quinn was behind him with the ATV's giant mallet ready. After she accidentally knocked Mr. Freeze's snowcrawler over, he tied her and her ATV to a traffic light pole with a grapnel line. Batman, in the Batmobile, guided Batgirl on the Batgirlcycle onto Redbird's ramp. She captured the Riddler and made him land his helicopter and the armored vehicle. Badcomputer's limo driver robot tricked Batman, Robin, and Batgirl into coming with her for a fake Key to the City ceremony after lying it would also benefit charity. Batman soon noticed something was up when they weren't going in the direction of City Hall. Batman soon pulled the video screen loose and had Batgirl use her phone to short it out. Batman made his way to the front seat, kicked out the robot, and discovered the brakes were out. He ordered Batgirl and Robin out and drove off a cliff. He prepared to fire a grapnel line but was surprised to see all five of his vehicles arrived and towed him back up with their Bat Magnets. Batcomputer informed him she updated the Auto Control so the vehicles would home in on them when they needed help. Batman suspected there was more than meets the eye with them but approved.

Batgirl and Robin chased Toyman into a construction site after he stole the Do-Over Remote from S.T.A.R. Labs. Thanks to Bibi slipping on a paint brush, a can of blue paint landed on Toyman's head and Robin easily cuffed him.

Batman and Robin pursued Joker but got into a crash. They elected to take the train to the Gotham Central Park. Robin wanted to get a Big Belly Burger and go to Gotham Amusement Mile thanks to the advertising in the train but Batman told him "no" each time. They got to the bank just as Joker was leaving. Joker was shocked his van was gone. Batman quipped he shouldn't have parked in a tow away zone. Joker tried to run and threw confetti in Batman's face. He gave Robin an alley oop and Joker was cut off. He snagged the stolen money with his staff. Batman cuffed him then suggested it was time to get a burger. Joker asked if he was getting one and Batman thought that was funny.

Batman and Robin drove to Gotham Point to test the Batmobile and Redbird's new sand mode tires. They stopped for ice cream first. They spotted Joker making a beeline for the lighthouse. Joker greased the stairs and slipped Robin up. Joker shut down the spotlight to make a ship carrying whoopie cushions. Batman improvised and used the Batmobile's ultra-high beams to guide the ship. Batman and Robin beat Joker to his van and arrested him despite an offer of snow cones. Robin managed to slip a whoopee cushion in the Batmobile and Batman landed right on it.

Robin took Redbird with him to capture Catwoman downtown after she stole a Siamese cat idol from Bruce Wayne's penthouse. He mistook the noise for the bass in the new speakers that were installed. Robin turned on Redbird's Bat-o-flage but the revs tipped Catwoman off. Robin chased her on foot but she was too agile. She led them to an alley with stray cats. The noise caused them to jump Robin and Redbird while she got away. Back at the Batcave, Robin asked Moe to check on Redbird's noise. Redbird realized the error of his ways and asked Moe to reinstall his stealth tech. 10 to 12 hours later, Robin went after Catwoman again. Catwoman stole a second Siamese cat idol from a museum. She escaped through the glass ceiling. This time, Redbird got the drop on Catwoman with blinders and tied her up for the police. An adoption fair was held for the four puppies saved from Catwoman. Batgirl and Robin wanted to keep the lead puppy. Batman told them he was a big responsibility. They made a bat-promise to take care of all his needs. Batman agreed to adopt him, put a collar and suggested naming him "Ace."

Meet The Batwheels: Robin and Batman climbed up the side of a building and got the drop on the Joker on the roof before he could get away with a large diamond. Before Joker could fire his gun, Robin knocked it away. Robin and Redbird capturing Ducky and Penguin after a high speed chase off a highway down to the streets.