Green Arrow

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Real Identity: Oliver Queen
Appearances (Episodes): When You're a Jet and To The Batmobile!
Powers/Skills: Archery and Marksmanship
Voiced By: MacLeod Andrews

Green Arrow suddenly flew into Gotham City with his Arrowplane and helped clear the Batwing's visor of question marks dumped by Riddler, who stole a valuable shipment of gold. Batman insisted he had the situation under control but Arrow didn't believe him. Arrow taunted him with a riddle: how did the villain escape two crime fighters. Batman answered, he didn't. Riddler was annoyed and managed to clip a wing of the Arrowplane but both Batman and Arrow snagged a leg of Riddler's helicopter and held him upside down until he surrendered. They flew back to the Batcave where Moe repaired the damage done to the Arrowplane. Arrow complimented the Batcave but suggested more natural light and some throw pillows. Batman told Moe to make it quick. Some time later, they returned to the Batcave. Arrow noted the elevator ride was rather long. He pitched Batman getting rid of it and adding in two poles from his study in Wayne Manor. Batman didn't think that would work.

One night, two Batmobiles drove up the side of a building in Gotham. Green Arrow peeked out a window and asked if Batman had a license to do that then rescinded the question and deduced he probably did.