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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Buff's BFF, Up in The Air, Sidekicked To The Curb, Bam's Upgrade, Redbird's Bogus Beach Day, Cave Sweet Home, Scaredy-Bat, Batcomputer for a Day, Holidays on Ice Part One, Holidays on Ice Part Two, Bam's Clawful Mistake, Harley Did It, Buff in a China Shop, When You're a Jet, Tough Buff Blues, Ace in the Hole, Mechanic Panic, The Dark Night, and A Jet Out of Water
Appearances (Shorts): Bam's Bubble Trouble, Interview With A Crime-Fighter, The Knight Shift, and Rockin' Robin
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Above Average Agility, Above Average Physical Attributes, Piloting, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Ethan Hawke

Batman, Batgirl, and Robin split up to capture the Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler after they stole an armored vehicle. Batman chased Joker and released a parachute after a jack-in-the-box flipped the Batmobile into the air. He jammed the Joker Van's cannon and Joker was covered in green muck. Batman, in the Batmobile, guided Batgirl on the Batgirlcycle onto Redbird's ramp. She captured the Riddler and made him land his helicopter and the armored vehicle. Badcomputer's limo driver robot tricked Batman, Robin, and Batgirl into coming with her for a fake Key to the City ceremony after lying it would also benefit charity. Batman soon noticed something was up when they weren't going in the direction of City Hall. Batman studied the interior and soon pulled the video screen loose then had Batgirl use her phone to short it out. Batman made his way to the front seat, kicked out the robot, and discovered the brakes were out. He ordered Batgirl and Robin out and drove off a cliff. He prepared to fire a grapnel line but was surprised to see all five of his vehicles arrived and towed him back up with their Bat Magnets. Batcomputer informed him she updated the Auto Control so the vehicles would home in on them when they needed help. Batman suspected there was more than meets the eye with them but approved.

Batman chased Mr. Freeze and increasingly got more annoyed his various ice puns. Batman chased him on foot but Mr. Freeze reunited with his snowcrawler. The Batwheels showed up but they got frozen one by one. Batman jumped into the Batmobile but they got frozen, too.

Batman attempted to covertly infiltrate the Penguin's Ducky dirigible but there was a mishap with Batwing and he was captured. Penguin made him walk the plank but Batman escaped and boarded the Batmobile, equipped with flight upgrades, and popped the broad side of his blimp with a Batarang. Penguin prepared to jump but a draft knocked him over and he lost his trick umbrella. Batman snagged him and flew him to the police.

Batman and Robin pursued Joker but got into a crash. They elected to take the train to the Gotham Central Park. Robin wanted to get a Big Belly Burger and go to Gotham Amusement Mile thanks to the advertising in the train but Batman told him "no" each time. They got to the bank just as Joker was leaving. Joker was shocked his van was gone. Batman quipped he shouldn't have parked in a tow away zone. Joker tried to run and threw confetti in Batman's face. He gave Robin an alley oop and Joker was cut off. Batman cuffed him then suggested it was time to get a burger. Joker asked if he was getting one and Batman thought that was funny.

Batman didn't remember installing upgrades but chose Batmobile to go after Toyman at the Gotham Radio Towers. He really liked the upgrades. Batman knocked the Mega Remote away with a Batarang but Toyman recovered it. Bam tried to help but caused a water tower to spill over the tower's roof. Batman chased Toyman roof to roof until the Batmobile caught up. Together, they cut off Toyman. The Remote Control Marauders jumped atop Bam but Batman activated an electrical shock then spun around and launched them at Toyman. Toyman was tripped up with a grapnel then left for the police. Batman and Robin drove to Gotham Point to test the Batmobile and Redbird's new sand mode tires. They stopped for ice cream first. Batman ordered very dark chocolate swirl but tossed it when they spotted Joker making a beeline for the lighthouse. Batman fired his grapnel line but couldn't make it in time and Joker shut down the spotlight to make a ship carrying whoopie cushions. Batman improvised and used the Batmobile's ultra-high beams to guide the ship. Batman and Robin beat Joker to his van and arrested him despite an offer of snow cones.

Batcomputer alerted Batman to a giant Joker balloon floating towards Wayne Manor. He went out in the Batwing and took out the balloon with a batarang but it contained water and flooded the manor and Batcave. He initiated the emergency evacuation plan, ordered Moe to secure Batcomputer's mother board and regrouped in the Wayne Industries parking garage downtown. Batman took off in the Batwing and gathered more Joker balloons then safely disposed of them over the Gotham Harbor. He returned to the Gotham Amusement Mile but discovered the Joker Van was operating on its own. He put restraints on the tires and set off to see who the true culprit was, unaware it was the van Prank all along. During a patrol, Batcomputer reported Gotham was quiet. While at a stop light, Joker pulled up next to Batman and challenged him to a race. Batman declined, wished him well, and returned to the Batcave then asked Moe for a blueberry sunrise smoothie stat. The news outlets thought Batman was too scared to race Joker. Bam eventually took the high road in a rematch with Prank and the news mistook it as Batman saving Joker from driving into the Gotham Harbor.

While out on patrol, Batman spotted Harley Quinn fleeing a movie award show with the trophy for Best Actor. Batman pursued her in the Batmobile but with the Batcomputer down for a recharge, Moe scrambled to aid him but gave Batman the wrong directions and he wound up confronting a mime at 47th and Maple. He lost sight of Harley after avoiding a collision with a semi truck. Moe informed him of an incoming rainstorm. They formed a plan to trap her on the bridge. Batman activated the Batmobile's rain grip tires while she spun out on her ATV. He tied her up to the bridge suspenders. Batman learned Mr. Freeze was planning something but lacked details so he went undercover as the famous snowman mascot Ike Cicle in Gotham's annual holiday parade and waited for him to strike. Moe crafted the special costume for him. Batman left on what he called a secret mission but noticed presents. Batman realized it was almost Christmas and indifferently gave Moe permission to put something up like a wreath then left.

Freeze later froze Ike and kidnapped him then tried to freeze the city with his Mega Blizzard Blaster. The Batwheels distracted Freeze while Batwing used her newly installed Bat Heat-Ray to thaw out Ike and free him. Batman revealed himself, tied him up for the police, and kicked the blaster off his snowcrawler. He revealed his one regret was he had to floss dance while undercover then he departed in Batwing to thaw out the city. Catwoman broke into the Gotham Diamond Exchange and fled in her car with a diamond necklace. Batman pursued in the Batmobile. She used the cat's tail to grab a pole and execute a sharp turn then scaled the side of a building. Catwoman drove into Gotham Central Park but Batman launched a pair of wheel clamps at her back tires. She was arrested and turned over to the police. Harley Quinn was seen exiting Gotham Stadium on her ATV at the time Penguin stole the annual soccer championship trophy. As Penguin planned, Batman assumed Harley was the culprit. Harley took offense to the accusation and tried to Bugs Bunny Batman into saying she was innocent but it didn't work.

Penguin then went to Harley's arcade hideout and ransacked her trophies. Batman cornered her in an alley but Batcomputer informed her of evidence proving Penguin was the real culprit then revealed he was at Harley's arcade hideout. He pointed out she was still speeding. Batman and Harley confronted Penguin and defeated him ahead of the police. Harley found the experience super-weird to which Batman agreed. Riddler stole an excavator from a Cobblepot construction site. Batman arrived in the Bat-Truck but Buff's low self-esteem about not being graceful hampered the pursuit and they were buried in building supplies. Riddler couldn't resist riddles that swapped out "cat" with "bat" to Batman's chagrin. Batman asked Batcomputer and M.O.E. to look over the Bat-Truck. Batman later uncovered "sand" was the clue in his riddle and intercepted him at Gotham Point. Riddler gasped at the realization Batman solved his riddle then paused and wondered why he was surprised since Batman always solved them. Thanks to Buff's confidence and winch, Batman wrapped up the excavator. Riddler confessed to his plan but a seagull landed on his sandcastle and destroyed it. Riddler surrendered and noted there was sand in his shoes.

Batman requested Batwing for an aerial pursuit after Riddler stole a valuable shipment of gold. Green Arrow suddenly flew into Gotham City with his Arrowplane and helped clear the Batwing's visor of question marks dumped by Riddler. Batman insisted he had the situation under control but Arrow didn't believe him. Arrow taunted him with a riddle: how did the villain escape two crime fighters. Batman answered, he didn't. Riddler was annoyed and managed to clip a wing of the Arrowplane but both Batman and Arrow snagged a leg of Riddler's helicopter and held him upside down until he surrendered. They flew back to the Batcave where Moe repaired the damage done to the Arrowplane. Arrow complimented the Batcave but suggested more natural light and some throw pillows. Batman told Moe to make it quick. Some time later, they returned to the Batcave. Arrow noted the elevator ride was rather long. He pitched Batman getting rid of it and adding in two poles from his study in Wayne Manor. Batman didn't think that would work.

Batman arrived to stop Riddler from stealing the Amusetta Stone from the Gotham Art Museum. Riddler breached a laser, tossed up three artifacts, and escaped the room before it was sealed. Riddler swapped the real stone for a fake but his get away was blocked by the Bat-Truck. The truck stomped the street and knocked Riddler off his feet. Batman recovered the stone but Riddler fled in his helicopter taunting him not to act so puzzled. A news reporter complimented the truck but watched as the stone crumbled in Batman's hands and she thought he ruined it. Batman soon realized he recovered a fake. Back at the Batcave, Batman asked Batcomputer to scan the city for Riddler and Moe to dispose of the fake. Batcomputer found Riddler in ten places around the city. Batman had no choice but to check each place one by one. At Gotham Central Park, he deduced Riddler projected several holograms of himself in places like the edge of the forest and Gotham Amusement Mile.

At the same time, Batman and Buff realized the fake stone was a puzzle after realizing the phrase "Don't act so puzzled" was being repeated. Moe reassembled it and a holographic map was projected pointed to the Gotham Point Pier. Riddler was about to depart with the real stone but Batman and Bat-Truck tricked him with holograms of the former. Riddler jumped over the pier into the sand then climbed back up and ran for his helicopter but ran right into the real Batman and was handcuffed. He realized the Bat-Truck was projecting the holograms and admitted it was more than tough. The Batwheels and Moe helped Buff keep four stray dogs he brought to the Batcave out of Batman's sight. They managed to prevent him from being hit by a batarang, from seeing the strays taking the practice cars on a joyride, dislodging the giant penny, and even licking his glove. Batman looked to his right and saw Moe patting his glove. An adoption fair was held for the four stray puppies saved from Catwoman. Batgirl and Robin wanted to keep the lead puppy. Batman told them he was a big responsibility. They made a bat-promise to take care of all his needs. Batman agreed to adopt him, put a collar and suggested naming him "Ace."

Batman confronted Poison Ivy at Gotham Electric after she stole its power core, causing a city-wide blackout. He didn't like her plant-themed puns and chased her inside. Ivy eventually escaped and made her way back to her greenhouse to feed electricity to her waiting army of Power Plants. Batman ordered Batcomputer to have the Batmobile cut Ivy off at the Novick Tunnel. Batman dodged the plant's electrical blasts and tied them up with his grapnel gun. Ivy ran into the Batmobile and was cuffed. Batman started using plant puns to her annoyance. He teased they were growing on him. She felt they didn't sound right coming from him. He apologized for being a thorn in her side. She stated she wasn't listening anymore. A police car came to pick her up. A series of ships sinking at the Gotham Docks caught Batman's attention. Batman staked out the docks as an old fisherman and eventually caught sight of the Ducky Boat. He used his fishing line to snag the boat and opened the hatch to confront Penguin. The robot penguins surfaced and opened fire. Batman was neutralized with a bola.

Batman was taken inside the Rubber Ducky and Penguin revealed his plan. Batman was able to hit the SOS button on his gauntlet then remarked something smelled. Penguin revealed his tuna fish sandwich. Batman clarified it was the plan that stunk. Batman later escaped his bonds, put on a rebreather, and swam to the Batwing - now armed with submersible upgrades. He tricked the robot penguins into swimming into the Ducky Boat. With it out of commission, Batman towed it to the docks then turned Penguin over to the police. He returned to the Batwing and created a whirlpool that lifted the latest sunken ship back to the surface.

Meet the Batwheels: Batman chased Joker into an alley but Joker fired his pickle laser and trapped Batman under a fallen fire escape. Batman fired a red laser from his gauntlet and pursued Joker in the Batmobile. He was unaware Bam tried some of Robin's bubble gum and was emitting bubble gum bubbles through out. Eventually, Bam emitted the gum on his pickle laser and clogged it. Joker was covered in gum and crashed into a pickle cart in a park. Batman cuffed him and quipped not to look so sour, his car was full of surprises. A channel 7 reporter tried to interview Batman during a car show but he refused to disclose much details about himself or Batmobile aside from its ability to go from 0-60 in two seconds. An errant car hit a hot dog stand but the Batmobile's arm prevented it from hitting him and the surprised reporter. Robin and Batman climbed up the side of a building and got the drop on the Joker on the roof before he could get away with a large diamond. Before Joker could fire his gun, Robin knocked it away.