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Real Identity: Cassandra Cain
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Bibi's Do-Over, Keep Calm and Roll On, Wheels Just Want to Have Fun, Wheel Side Story, Ace in the Hole, and Bibi's Bad Day
Appearances (Shorts): Bibi Bops
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Above Average Agility, Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Leah Lewis

Batman, Batgirl, and Robin split up to capture the Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler after they stole an armored vehicle. Batgirl kept going even after Penguin raised a bridge and made a successful jump on her Batgirlcycle. Penguin tried to escape by jumping into the bay from Gotham Docks but Batgirl towed Ducky back in. Batman, in the Batmobile, guided Batgirl on the Batgirlcycle onto Redbird's ramp. She landed at Riddler's helicopter, cuffed the Riddler and made him land with the stolen armored vehicle. Badcomputer's limo driver robot tricked Batman, Robin, and Batgirl into coming with her for a fake Key to the City ceremony after lying it would also benefit charity. Batman soon noticed something was up when they weren't going in the direction of City Hall. Batman soon pulled the video screen loose and had Batgirl use her phone to short it out. Batman made his way to the front seat, kicked out the robot, and discovered the brakes were out. He ordered Batgirl and Robin out and drove off a cliff. He prepared to fire a grapnel line but was surprised to see all five of his vehicles arrived and towed him back up with their Bat Magnets. Batcomputer informed him she updated the Auto Control so the vehicles would home in on them when they needed help. Batman suspected there was more than meets the eye with them but approved.

Batgirl and Robin chased Toyman into a construction site after he stole the Do-Over Remote from S.T.A.R. Labs. Thanks to Bibi slipping on a paint brush, a can of blue paint landed on Toyman's head and Robin easily cuffed him.

Batgirl pursued Harley Quinn after the villain stole a baseball trophy from the Gotham Knights. Harley was upset Batman wasn't after her and referred to Batgirl as "back up." Batgirl followed her onto the roof of a moving train and snagged her leg with a grapnel line but after passing through a tunnel, Harley got loose and returned to her ATV. Batgirl managed to slip a Bat-Tracer on the ATV then called Batcomputer after she found the Batcycle's tires were flattened. Batgirl pursued Harley from her hideout but she was alarmed when the Batcycle's throttle started acting up. She got a lead and returned to the Batcycle then chased Harley into the woods outside town. Batgirl drove on, avoided logs tossed up at her, then fired a grapnel line and swung Harley and her ATV around trees. Harley crawled out of the bush in search of her trophy and found Batgirl had it. Batgirl tied her to a tree and left her for the Gotham Police. She told Batcomputer her Batcyle was the greatest of all time.

Batgirl went after Harley Quinn alone during a string of thefts targeting champion athletes and their gold medals. While celebrating the theft of a medal for sprints, Harley settled on a roof. Batgirl arrived to arrest her. Harley threw a baseball and it unleashed confetti. Batgirl realized Harley was gone and the confetti made a smiley face sticking its tongue out. Batgirl returned to the Batcave and on a hunch, asked Batcomputer to find information on all champion athletes living in Gotham City then went to get some sleep. Some time later, Harley stole a medal from a championship swimmer. Batgirl departed on Batcycle but was surprised when it went dead. She hailed Batcomputer to pick the Batcycle up then pursued Harley on foot. She caught up near a drawbridge and found her Batcycle charged up. She fired a Batrope. Harley dodged it but leaped right into the river by accident. Batgirl fished her out, cuffed her, complimented her entry but said there was too much splash, and walked her to the police arriving on the scene.

Batgirl got a visual of Penguin from atop the clock tower. She informed Batcomputer he was at the Gotham Point Lighthouse. Batgirl arrived at the base of the lighthouse but she landed on a giant "X" and a bird cage assembled around her. He tried to decide between a light blue or gold tuxedo. Batgirl offered to help him if he let her out but he wouldn't fall for it. He failed to notice she was picking the cage's lock. Batcomputer sent the Batwheels as backup upon her request. Just as they arrived, Batgirl got free. The Batwing disarmed Penguin. He surrendered but wanted his moment. He sang as he came down the stairwell. Batgirl refused to let him go and cuffed him. An adoption fair was held for the four puppies saved from Catwoman. Batgirl and Robin wanted to keep the lead puppy. Batman told them he was a big responsibility. They made a bat-promise to take care of all his needs. Batman agreed to adopt him, put a collar and suggested naming him "Ace."

Batgirl chased Joker as his goo-lips turned Gotham into a sticky mess. The Batcycle got stuck and she continued on foot. She later got stuck herself. Batcycle arrived with a Bat-Goo-Out gadget and sucked the goo away. They chased Joker until he was done in by his own goo.