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Real Identity:
Appearances (Episodes): Bibi's Do-Over and Bam's Upgrade
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Technology
Voiced By: James Arnold Taylor

Toyman stole the Do-Over Remote from S.T.A.R. Labs. With it, he could time travel back in time and do-over any moment and use his knowledge to make different choices for different outcomes. He was pursued by Batgirl and Robin into a construction site. Thanks to Bibi slipping on a paint brush, a can of blue paint landed on Toyman's head and led to his capture. However, Bibi became obsessed with using the Do-Over Remote to perfect her landing. She finally did it but as a consequence, Toyman esaped with the remote. Toyman stopped at an ice cream truck for a strawberry ice cream cone then used the remote to change his choice to chocolate. Bibi caught up to him and used the remote to make sure she slipped and Toyman was caught.

Toyman stole the antenna from the Gotham Radio Towers with his Remote Control Marauders. Since it was the most powerful one in the city, he could take over all toys in the city when paired with his Mega Remote. Bam accidentally knocked a water tower over on the tower's roof thanks to using untested and unmastered upgrades. Toyman made the Marauders form a bridge as they escaped across the roofs with the antenna. Bam shed his upgrades after realized he didn't need them. Batman jumped into the Batmobile and cut off Toyman. The Mauraders jumped on the hood but Batman electrocuted them. Performing a spin, Bam launched the robots back at Toyman and snagged him with a grapnel line. The police were notified.