Poison Ivy

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Real Identity: Pamela Isley
Appearances (Episodes): Grass is Greener, Improvise My Ride, and The Dark Night
Powers/Skills: Plant Manipulation
Voiced By: Kailey Snider

Poison Ivy planted special seeds in Gotham Central Square then sang to them. Her giant plant army quickly rose out of the ground and she made her bid to take over Gotham City. Bam chopped a few vines with a Batarang but Moe recognized Poison Ivy and they tried to hide behind a food truck. Ivy saw the dead vines and was angered. She quickly found them and sent a giant corn cob and giant carrots after them. As they drove along a giant vine, brussels sprouts were sent after them. Moe later installed his latest invention, the Bat Laser, and they cleaved up her plants to her horror. They arrived at Gotham Central Square and she tried to squash them with a squash. Moe grafted an excavator's arm onto Bam and he used it to dig up the main seed by the roots. It worked and Ivy's army instantly died out. She was trapped under the vines, was handcuffed, and left for the police.

Poison Ivy wanted to build her own car superior to the Batwheels. Ace found her trying to steal the engine out of a parked car outside Gotham Stadium. Buff used his winch on the Flower Bud with the engine but Ivy pulled with a vine and broke the winch. She kept it for her car. Ivy and her Flower Buds went to the Gotham Amusement Mile and tried to steal a bumper car. Buff used the wood winch to yank Ivy into one of the cars and she got bounced around. Ace followed her to the ferris wheel but he got distracted by a hot dog. Bam spun Ivy around in the tea cup ride. Buff got his lights blocked by sticky flowers. Ivy got away with a bumper car and tea cup. Ivy went to a Cobblepot construction site where Ivy was stealing a digger. She used the special snoozy pollen to put Bam, Buff, and Ace to sleep, then stole Buff's tires. They caught up to Ivy but her car was finished, the SU-IVY. She dug a hole but Buff bounced out of it then stomped the ground, disabling the SU-IVY.

Buff used the wood winch to toss the car. It broke apart then the tea cup skidded and Ivy was tossed on her face. Ace wrapped her up in the string of lights. She vowed to build a bigger car, one with seat warmers, a fancy stereo system, and a smoothie machine. The police arrived. Poison Ivy stole the power core from Gotham Electric and caused a city-wide black out. She unveiled her Power Plants, plants that got larger the more electricity they fed on. Batman didn't like her plant-themed puns and chased her inside. Ivy eventually escaped and made her way back to her greenhouse to feed electricity to her waiting army of Power Plants. The chase continued into the Novick Tunnel. Batman dodged the plant's electrical blasts and tied them up with his grapnel gun. Ivy ran right into the Batmobile and was cuffed by Batman. Batman started using plant puns to her annoyance. He teased they were growing on him. She felt they didn't sound right coming from him. He apologized for being a thorn in her side. She stated she wasn't listening anymore. A police car came to pick her up.