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Real Identity: Oswald Cobblepot
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Up in The Air, Harley Did It, Ride Along, Wheel Side Story, and A Jet Out of Water
Appearances (Shorts): Rockin' Robin
Voiced By: Jess Harnell

An armored car was stolen by Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler. Penguin tried to raise a bridge but Batgirl made the jump on her Batgirlcycle. He tried to escape by jumping into the bay from Gotham Docks but Batgirl towed Ducky back to dry land.

From a Ducky dirigible in the sky, Penguin took over all the airwaves in Gotham City with a signal stealer and forced its residents to watch him after he was rejected by the television reality series Gotham's Finest Stars. Batman attempted to covertly infiltrate the blimp but there was a mishap with Batwing and he was captured. Penguin made him walk the plank but Batman escaped and boarded the Batmobile, equipped with flight upgrades, and popped the broad side of his blimp with a Batarang. Penguin prepared to jump but a draft knocked him over and he lost his trick umbrella. Batman snagged him and flew him to the police.

Penguin stole the annual soccer championship trophy from Gotham Stadium and timed it for the same moment Harley Quinn was seen exiting Gotham Stadium on her ATV. As Penguin planned, Batman assumed Harley was the culprit and chased her. He then went to Harley's arcade hideout and ransacked her trophies. Luckily, Redbird was skeptical of Harley being the thief. Along with Bibi, he found a dress button, cloth from an umbrella, tracks, and a rubber ducky that pinned the theft on Penguin. Batman cornered Harley in an alley but Batcomputer informed her of evidence proving Penguin was the real culprit then revealed he was at Harley's arcade hideout. Batman and Harley confronted Penguin and defeated him ahead of the police. Harley found the experience super-weird to which Batman agreed.

Penguin was insulted he wasn't invited to the premiere of "The Grey Ghost Begins" and plotted to steal the movie and broadcast the ending above the city for all to see, spoiling the experience. Bam tried to take back the reel with a grappling hook but Penguin countered with his trick umbrella and sent him flying. He then used his umbrella to take remote control of the theatre's spotlights to blind Bam. Luckily, Kitty the Catmobile showed up despite Bam telling her stay behind. Bam got an idea and suggested they play her game "Boop, Knock It Over." They knocked the spotlights over and while Penguin was blinded, Kitty knocked the film projector over and prevented the movie from being spoiled. Bam fired a pair of cuffs and immobilized Penguin just in time for the police.

The Penguin got tired of hearing the numbing noise from Gotham City's grating citizens and called it an assault on his delicate, musically trained ears. He invented the Songinator, a device resembling a guitar that fires a ray that turns the voices into melodic song. All words that come out a victim's mouth, comes out as a song. In essence, the city would be turned into a live musical. He thought it would be his greatest performance yet. Ducky was remotely sent to the theater district to begin blasting citizens. Penguin waited atop the Gotham Point Lighthouse. Batgirl arrived at the base of the lighthouse but she landed on a giant "X" and a bird cage assembled around her. He tried to decide between a light blue or gold tuxedo. Batgirl offered to help him if he let her out but he wouldn't fall for it. He failed to notice she was picking the cage's lock. Batcomputer sent the Batwheels as backup. Just as they arrived, Batgirl got free. The Batwing disarmed Penguin. He surrendered but wanted his moment. He sang as he came down the stairwell. Batgirl refused to let him go and cuffed him.

Penguin and his robots sank ships at Gotham Docks then plundered them underwater. He believed he wouldn't get caught stealing underwater. Batman staked out the docks as an old fisherman and eventually caught sight of the Ducky Boat. He used his fishing line to snag the boat and opened the hatch to confront Penguin. The robot penguins surfaced and opened fire. Batman was neutralized with a bola. Batman was taken inside the Rubber Ducky and Penguin revealed his plan. Batman was able to hit the distress signal on his gauntlet then remarked something smelled. Penguin revealed his tuna fish sandwich. Batman clarified it was the plan that stunk. Penguin handled the Batwing and fired rubber duckies that attached and inflated, taking it to the surface. The Batwing returned and made a whirlpool around the Ducky Boat. Batman escaped his bonds, put on a rebreather, and swam to the Batwing. He tricked the robot penguins into swimming into the Ducky Boat. With it out of commission, Batman towed it to the docks then turned Penguin over to the police.

Meet The Batwheels: Robin and Redbird pursued Ducky and Penguin in a high speed chase on a highway. Ducky suddenly jumped down to the streets but Redbird used a grapnel to swing down from a light pole and cut him off. Robin tied Penguin up to a pole then ate a burger to his chagrin.