Mr. Freeze

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Real Identity:
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Buff's BFF, Holidays on Ice Part One, and Holidays on Ice Part Two
Powers/Skills: Cold Generation
Voiced By: Regi Davis

An armored car was stolen by Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler. Robin chased Freeze into a tunnel. Robin fired his Redbird's Bat Laser to shatter Freeze's ice wall. Freeze's snowcrawler was accidentally knocked over by Harley Quinn's ATV's giant mallet.

Mr. Freeze was pursued by Batman and annoyed him with various ice puns. Freeze's vehicle, the Snowstorm Destruction Mark III, could not bring itself to run over a dog and lifted its left side causing a minor crash. Freeze was confused about what happened but froze a path and took off on foot with Batman in pursuit. Eventually, Snowstorm returned to him but it went haywire and refused to shoot freeze rays because he was friends with Buff. Freeze ran off when Snowstorm started firing wildly at him.

On Christmas Eve, Mr. Freeze became unhappy like he always does during the holidays and decided no one else could be happy. He blasted the Christmas Tree at Gotham Plaza but the Batwheels prevented it from tipping over. Batwing had to abandon her chase and returned to the Plaza to help the others with the tree. Freeze then kidnapped Ike Cicle, a popular snowman mascot, from the annual parade. The Batwheels and the solo Batwing tried to capture him but their hooks snagged. Batwing crashed into a tree while the others fell into trash in an alley and were frozen by Freeze. He later debuted his Mega Blizzard Blaster and attempted to freeze the whole city so the holidays would never come again. The Batwheels distracted Freeze while Batwing used her newly installed Bat Heat-Ray to thaw out Ike and free him. However, Ike turned out to be Batman working undercover and waiting for the chance to catch Freeze. Batman tied him up for the police then departed in Batwing to thaw out the city.