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Real Identity:
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Sidekicked To The Curb, Redbird's Bogus Beach Day, Scaredy-Bat, Wheels Just Want to Have Fun, License to Joke, and Bibi's Bad Day
Appearances (Shorts): Bam's Bubble Trouble, Interview With A Crime-Fighter, and Rockin' Robin
Powers/Skills: Pranks
Voiced By: Mick Wingert

An armored car was stolen by Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler. Joker unleashed jack-in-the-boxes against Batman and launched his Batmobile into the air but Batman deployed a parachute. He then clogged the Joker Van's cannon and Joker was covered in gunk.

Joker planned to rob the Gotham Central Bank but Batman and Robin tried to cut him off in the Batmobile before he reached it. Joker launched bursty bombs. Batman and Robin were able to avoid them but Redbird disobeyed orders and followed. He tried to get rid of a bomb but it ended up hitting the Batmobile and blinding it, leading to a crash. Joker robbed the bank as planned but was shocked to see his Joker Van missing. Batman quipped he shouldn't have parked in a tow away zone. Joker attempted to run but Batman gave Robin an alley-oop and was cut off. Robin took the bag of stolen money away and Batman nabbed him then reckoned it was time for that Big Belly Burger. Joker asked if could get one, too, but Batman thought he was joking.

Joker plotted to pilfer a ship carrying a shipment of whoopie cushions by shutting down the Gotham Point Lighthouse. Batman and Robin happened to be there to test the sand mode on their vehicles. Joker left his van and surfed to the lighthouse and tossed a blow up shark at them. As he ran up the stairwell of the lighthouse, he greased the steps. He made it inside the control room first, sealed himself in, and shut down the spotlight. Batman improvised and used the Batmobile's ultra-high beams to guide the ship. Joker parachuted back to the beach but Batman and Robin beat him to his van and arrested him despite an offer of snow cones and letting Robin drive. Batman thought Joker was behind an attempt to flood the city but he was still in prison at the time. While at a stop light, Joker pulled up next to Batman and challenged him to a race. He activated his van's drag racing mode and took off. Batman declined, wished him well, and returned to the Batcave.

The Joker took inspiration from Agent V-8 and fashioned himself as Dr. Joke, based on V-8's enemy Dr. Spy. He automated parked mopeds around the city and used them to clear out the crowded Amusement Mile in order to ride the rides by himself, starting with the roller coaster. Redbird was overwhelmed and realized he should have asked Bibi for help. The moped in front of him revealed herself to be Bibi who used the same Holo-disguise from Moe. She used the secret tracking spy on Redbird to keep tabs on him. Bibi told Redbird a solo mission didn't mean you can't ask others for help. They used a combo move called the Bat-ball special. Redbird swung Bibi around and they knocked out the mopeds. Joker exited the roller coaster and was confused about all his mopeds being toppled over. Police squad cars chased him and surrounded him. Joker planted his goo spitting tulips, or goo-lips, all over the city to turn Gotham into a sticky mess. Batgirl pursued him but got stuck herself. The Batcycle used a Bat-Goo-Out gadget to free her and the chase resumed. Joker swerved into an alley to avoid his own goo and crashed into various things and landed in mud. The van drove into some goo and made a hard stop. Joker ran for it but stepped on goo. To add insult to injury, a goo-lip spat goo in his face.

Meet the Batwheels: Batman chased Joker into an alley but Joker fired his pickle laser and trapped Batman under a fallen fire escape. Joker left in his van but was soon chased by the Batmobile. He was unaware Bam tried some of Robin's bubble gum and was emitting bubble gum bubbles through out. Joker was amused and shot out a headlight. Eventually, Bam emitted the gum right into Joker's pickle laser gun and clogged it. He was covered in gum and crashed into a pickle cart in a park. Batman cuffed him and quipped not to look so sour, his car was full of surprises. During an interview at a car show, a reporter played footage of Batman battling the Joker on a roof but slipped off only to be saved when his Batmobile launched an inflatable. Batman snagged Joker and pulled him down onto the inflatable then the Batmobile shot him a pair of handcuffs to use. Joker stole a large diamond but Robin and Batman surprised him on a rooftop. Before he could fire his gun, Robin knocked it away.