Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Harleen Quinzel
Appearances (Episodes): Secret Origin of the Batwheels, Keep Calm and Roll On, Batcomputer for a Day, Harley Did It, and Wheels Just Want to Have Fun
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Chandri Parekh

An armored car was stolen by Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler. Harley attacked Redbird from the rear in a tunnel but she knocked Mr. Freeze's snowcrawler over with her giant mallet by mistake. Robin fired a grapnel from Redbird and tied her and her ATV to a traffic light pole.

Harley Quinn stole a baseball trophy from the Gotham Knights team and took off on her ATV with Batgirl in pursuit on her Batcycle. She was annoyed "back up" was after her and not Batman. Harley went up to the top of a moving train and ditched Batgirl. Harley thought she lost her but discovered a Bat Tracer on her ATV then fled her arcade hideout. The pursuit ended up in a forest outside of town but Batgirl switched the Batcycle to ATV mode and managed to avoid all the logs launched her way. Batgirl fired a grapnel line and spun Harley around some trees. Harley crawled out of a bush right into Batgirl. Harley was tied to a tree. She admitted Batgirl got her. She was left for the Gotham Police.

Harley Quinn stole the trophy for Best Actor from a movie award show. Batman pursued her in the Batmobile but with the Batcomputer down for a recharge, Moe scrambled to aid him but he wound up confronting a mime at 47th and Maple. He lost sight of Harley after avoiding a collision with a semi truck. Moe informed him of an incoming rainstorm. They formed a plan to trap her on the bridge. Batman activated the Batmobile's rain grip tires while she spun out on her ATV. He tied her up to the bridge suspenders.

Harley Quinn was seen exiting Gotham Stadium on her ATV at the time Penguin stole the annual soccer championship trophy. As Penguin planned, Batman assumed Harley was the culprit. Harley took offense to the accusation and tried to Bugs Bunny Batman into saying she was innocent but it didn't work. Batman cornered her in alley but Batcomputer informed her of evidence proving Penguin was the real culprit then revealed he was at Harley's arcade hideout. Batman and Harley confronted Penguin and defeated him ahead of the police. Harley found the experience super-weird to which Batman agreed.

Harley Quinn targeted champion athletes and stole their gold medals. While celebrating the theft of a medal for sprints, Harley settled on a roof. Batgirl arrived to arrest her. Harley threw a baseball and it unleashed confetti. Batgirl realized Harley was gone and the confetti made a smiley face sticking its tongue out. Harley's next target was a championship swimmer. Batgirl chased her near a drawbridge and found her Batcycle charged up. She fired a Batrope. Harley dodged it but leaped right into the river by accident. Batgirl fished her out, cuffed her, complimented her entry but said there was too much splash, and walked her to the police arriving on the scene.