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Real Identity: Selina Kyle
Appearances (Episodes): Rev and Let Rev, Bam's Clawful Mistake, and Ace in the Hole
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Gina Rodriguez

Catwoman broke into a penthouse in downtown and stole a Siamese cat idol owned by Bruce Wayne. Robin turned on Redbird's Bat-o-flage but the revs tipped Catwoman off. Robin was unaware Redbird has his stealth tech removed so he could sound like the other Batwheels. Robin chased her on foot but she was too agile. She led them to an alley with stray cats. The noise caused them to jump Robin and Redbird while she got away. Redbird realized the error of his ways and asked Moe to reinstall his stealth tech. 10 to 12 hours later, Robin went after Catwoman again. Catwoman stole a second Siamese cat idol from a museum. She escaped through the glass ceiling. This time, Redbird got the drop on Catwoman with blinders and tied her up for the police.

Catwoman broke into the Gotham Diamond Exchange and fled in her car with a diamond necklace. Batman pursued in the Batmobile. She used the cat's tail to grab a pole and execute a sharp turn then scaled the side of a building. Catwoman drove into Gotham Central Park but Batman launched a pair of wheel clamps at her back tires. She was arrested. Catwoman came up with a plan to turn Gotham into a kitty-only city by luring all dogs to another city, Metropolis. Along with her cat Miss Kitka, they marched through the city throwing out dog treats. One stray puppy saw through her facade and barked at her. She threw a treat at his snout but he batted it away then charged. Kitka jumped off Catwoman but the puppy won the fight and Kitka landed in a dumpster. He then snatched the bag of treats away. Buff arrived and Catwoman took off.

Catwoman and Kitka resumed their plan but used a steak as a lure instead of dog treats. The puppy tried to stop her but slipped up on kitty litter and landed on trash bags. He found a half-eaten fish as Buff arrived in search of them. They formed a plan and the puppy jumped on his hook. He jumped and swapped Catwoman's steak for the fish. All of the stray cats took notice and chased after Catwoman and Kitka.