November 10
Batty Body Swap
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November 29
Meet The Batwheels
Bad Day
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December 1
Meet The Batwheels
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Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are major players in the episode, the plot revolves around these characters.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Vehicles: Sentient vehicles that appear.
Supporting: Secondary Characters that appear, but have smaller parts than starring characters.
Objects: Alien, Man-made, and natural objects that appear.
Places: Areas visited or occupied.
Written By: Lists which staff members were credited with writing the episode.
Directed By: Lists which staff member was credited for directing the episode.

Shorts (2022)

Episode 1 : Meet the Batwheels
An action-packed music video of the Batwheels' most exciting adventures set to an extended version of the series' theme song.

Episode 2 : Calling All Batwheels
A music video introducing all of Batman's heroic vehicle squad - the Batwheels - showcasing their incredible gadgets, stunning talents, and unique personalities.

Episode 3 : Bam!
Set to his rocking theme song, Bam the Batmobile takes to the streets of Gotham and uses his smarts, leadership skills, and awesome gadgets to fight crime and stop the villainous Legion of Zoom.

Episode 4 : Buff Tuff
In this country-inspired music video, Buff the Bat-Truck shows off his strength as he tows the bad guys out of town and lifts the spirits of his fellow Batwheels with his sensitive side, all while protecting the people (and critters) of Gotham.

Episode 5 : Faster
It's time to go, go, go with Batgirl's motorbike Bibi as she zigs and zags her way to victory in this high-energy music video - it doesn't matter if it's a stunt jump or a speeding supervillain, Bibi always gives it her all and then some!

Episode 6 : Fly
Tour the glittering night sky with Batwing, Gotham's flying protector with a penchant for posing, as she dips, dives, and dodges through buildings and water to take on villains and bail out a friend or two - set to her funky-fresh theme song.

Episode 7: Spooky Batcave
A series of spooky sounds and sights leads the Batwheels to believe that the Batcave is haunted by a B-B-Bat-Ghost!

Episode 8: Robin's Ride
Robin's ride Redbird is on the case in this radical music video, as he sneaks and sleuths his way to stop Gotham's villains with his speed and detective skills - it's no mystery why Redbird is one of the best!

Episode 9: Bam's Bubble Trouble
An errant piece of bubblegum stuck inside Bam threatens to blow up Batman's chance at stopping Joker on a fast-paced mission through the Gotham streets.

Episode 10: Wheelin' and Dealin'
After losing one of his wheels on his way to stop Prank, Bam comically attempts to replace his tire with all sorts of zany objects while chasing the prankster van around the city.

Episode 11: Interview With A Crime-Fighter
Batman discusses the Batmobile's amazing capabilities and features during an interview at Gotham's auto show, featuring impressive clips of Bam in action as he swoops in to save the day.

Episode 12: The Best Present in the World
A heart-warming holiday-themed music video where the Batwheels sing about what's most important to them - friendship.

Episode 13: Silly Stoaway
The Batcave's cutest resident bat Alfie sneaks into Bam the Batmobile and causes adorable chaos during a mission to stop the Ducky Boat down at Gotham Docks.

Episode 14: The Knight Shift
Bam can't wait to recharge after a long night of heroism in Gotham, but first, the Batwheels need all kinds of help, delaying his much-needed nap just a little bit longer...

Episode 15: Rockin' Robin
Redbird gushes about his favorite hero and driver, Robin, as he shows off their action-packed adventures and gadgets in his own personal vlog.

Episode 16: Bibi Bops
Bibi hosts an interactive workout featuring jumping, spinning and other athletic feats.

Episode 17: Batwingin' It
Batwing flies high over Gotham in her video diary as she shares exciting tips and tricks to what makes her brand of crimefighting so special!

Episode 18: Bad to the Chrome
This music video introduces the villainous vehicle squad -- The Legion of Zoom -- including their shifty skills and pernicious personalities.

Episode 19: A Joking Matter
A musical montage features the Joker, Gotham's most prickling prankster, as he causes trouble big and small for Batman, the Batwheels, and Gothamites alike!

Episode 20: Parking Problems
The Batwheels face off with the Legion of Zoom as they attempt to recover Batman's stolen cowl from the villainous vehicles.

Episode 21: Bat Surfin'
Surf-riding musical mayhem with Batman, Robin, and the Batwheels!

Episode 22: I'll Be Your Shelter
A musical tribute to Ace, the super-brave bat-hound!

Episode 23: Jet Set
Take to the skis over Gotham with Batwing and her friend best jet-friend Goldie the Arrowplane!

Episode 24: Bad Day
Even the Batwheels have a bad day, but the trick lies in how to react to one.

Season One (2022)

Episodes 1 to 3: Secret Origin of the Batwheels
When Batman, Robin, and Batgirl are all captured, the Batcomputer brings the Bat-Vehicles to life. Then, the newly-minted Batwheels must defend the Batcave and face off with the Legion of Zoom – all without Batman's help!

Episode 4: Stop that Ducky!
The Ducky Boat snags an ultra-fuel-cell upgrade, turning him into the fastest vehicle in Gotham; Bam must rally the Batwheels as their confident leader to stop the turbo-Ducky.

Episode 5: Buff's BFF
When Buff befriends Mr. Freeze's snowcrawler Snowy, the other Batwheels bristle at the thought of hanging out with a "bad guy..." so Buff sets out to change their minds.

Episode 6: Up in the Air
Bam makes a difficult leadership call that causes Batwing to crash, and becomes obsessed with making it up to her during a high stakes aerial mission against Penguin and his giant ducky blimp.

Episode 7: Bibi's Do-Over
Everyone is ecstatic when Bibi, Batgirl, and Robin capture Toyman and his Do-Over remote - except for Bibi, who failed to stick the landing on a big jump. Unwilling to accept her failure, Bibi uses Toyman's Do-Over remote until she perfects her jump!

Episode 8: Sidekicked to the Curb
When Bam is sent out to take on Prank, Redbird asks to join the fight, but Bam insists he hangs back; Redbird secretly tags along, but his presence hurts more than it helps.

Episode 9: Keep Calm and Roll On
After Jestah's insults get the best of her, a short-tempered Bibi tries to not let the big-wheeled bully's words get to her so she can help Batgirl catch Harley.

Episode 10: Bam's Upgrade
Feeling neglected after being passed over on missions, Bam asks MOE to install experimental upgrades to curry Batman's favor; however, Bam's new powers are far stronger than he can control, putting Batman in danger and jeopardizing the mission.

Episode 11: Redbird's Bogus Beach Day
Redbird gets excited when he learns that Batman and Robin are taking him and Bam for a drive up the coast!

Episode 12: Cave Sweet Cave
After The Joker floods the Batcave, the Batwheels evacuate and relocate to a nearby parking garage. As they adapt to their temporary home, they learn important lessons about family and making the most of what you have.

Episode 13: Scaredy-Bat
When Batman refuses to engage Joker in a race, Prank goads Bam into a rematch. Can Bam learn to not give in to the bully's dares and take the high road?

Episode 14: Riddle Me This
After struggling to solve a riddle from Riddler's helicopter Quizz, Redbird must learn to speak up and share his ideas with the Batwheels if they hope to figure out the villain's true scheme.

Episode 15: Zoomsday
The Legion of Zoom is tired of always losing. They decide to take a page from the Batwheels and try using teamwork in order to pull off a daring heist. But will they be able to work together?

Episode 16: Rev and Let Rev
Redbird sacrifices his stealth muffler tech to sound as loud as the other Batwheels - but his modifications backfire when Robin needs his stealthy skills to catch the elusive Catwoman.

Episode 17: Batcomputer for a Day
When Batcomputer shuts down for a system update, the other Batwheels must take over for her while aiding Batman in a battle against Harley Quinn.

Episode 18: Grass is Greener
MOE wants to know what it's like to be a member of the Batwheels, but the bot gets more than he bargained for when Bam invites him along for an exciting mission to stop Poison Ivy.

Episode 19: Holidays on Ice Part 1
Episode 20: Holidays on Ice Part 2
Frustrated by the Batwheels' holiday distractions, Batwing decides to go solo to thwart Mr. Freeze's evil Christmas-time plot. But Batwing soon realizes how hard it is to stop Mr. Freeze on her own!

Episode 21: Bam's Clawful Mistake
Bam brings Catwoman's Catmobile, Kitty, to life so the Batwheels can have even teams for their game of Bat-Ball, but the Kitty Kitty is too wild to be contained, despite Bam's best attempts to convince her to play along.

Episode 22: Harley Did It
Everyone assumes that Harley Quinn is the culprit in a recent burglary. But as Batman and Bam pursue Harley, Bibi and Redbird begin to suspect that she may actually be innocent.

Episode 23: Buff in a China Shop
Buff trains with Batwing to improve his gracefulness and uses her lessons on a delicate mission against the Riddler.

Episode 24: A Tale of Two Bibis
Badcomputer captures Bibi and disguises Jestah to take her place with the Batwheels so that Jestah can steal the Batcomputer's motherboard. Can Bibi get free in time to unmask the imposter and save the day?

Episode 25: Batty Race
When the Legion of Zoom plan to cheat their way to winning the Gotham Grand Prix, the Batwheels zoom into action to ensure the race is won the right way, fair and square!

Episode 26: When You're a Jet
Green Arrow and his Arrowplane, Goldie, come to help Batman take on the Riddler. Batwing is so happy to have another flying vehicle around that she brings Goldie to life and the two become BFFs. But when Goldie eventually has to leave, Batwing learns that saying goodbye doesn't always mean forever!

Episode 27: Ride Along
After Kitty the Catmobile saves Bam when he's in a tight spot, Bam decides to take her on a ride along patrol in the hopes of recruiting her as a Batwheel if he can convince her to stop playing long enough to focus on their mission!

Episode 28: Wheels Just Want to Have Fun
Bibi wishes she could live a rule-free life like Jestah, so she decides to only focus on having fun instead. But when her actions put Batgirl in danger, Bibi must put the fun aside to stop Harley and save her hero.

Episode 29: Tough Buff Blues
After he takes down Riddler with an impressive wheel slam move, the Batwheels give Buff the nickname "Tough Buff." But Buff abruptly bristles at the name, leading the Batwheels to realize that it's not okay to call your friends nicknames that they don't like.

Episode 30: Wheel Side Story
After being zapped by Penguin's Songinator ray, the Batwheels find themselves only able to communicate through song! They'll need to learn to harmonize as a team to defeat the musical prankster.

Episode 31: Ace in the Hole
When a group of alley dogs, aided by a heroic stray, are saved from Catwoman by kind-hearted Buff, he brings them all back to live in the Batcave, unbeknownst to the rest of the Bat-Family.

Episode 32: Mechanic Panic
When Jestah injures herself preparing for an extreme sports competition with the other Zoomers, Bibi helps her overcome her fear of going to the mechanic so she can heal up in time to compete.

Episode 33: Improvise My Ride
When Buff's trusty winch is knocked out of action by Poison Ivy, he must learn to improvise and come up with creative solutions on the fly.

Episode 34: Dynamic Du-Oh-No
When Snowy and Jestah team up to execute a mysterious plan involving rare freeze-berries, Batwing and Buff pair up to take on the dastardly duo, but Batwing decides to carry out the mission herself, putting both her and Buff at risk.

Episode 35: To The Batmobile!
When the Batwheels mysteriously disappear, Bam enlists the help of A.D.A.M, the original Batmobile, to help save his friends.

Episode 36: The Dark Night
Much to everyone's surprise, Bam is secretly afraid of the dark. Bam must conquer his fears to stop Poison Ivy.

Episode 37: License to Joke
When Redbird tries his hand at espionage as "V-8, the Super-Spy," he quickly realizes he's gotten in over his head.

Episode 38: Bibi's Bad Day
Bibi has a terrible no-good day after she keeps messing up and lets Joker get away. She doesn't think she can help Batgirl anymore.

Episode 39: A Jet Out of Water
After refusing to practice with her new underwater mode, Batwing is unable to save Batman from Penguin's sunken ship trap

Episode 40: Batty Body Swap
After agreeing to swap motherboards and change bodies, the Batwheels have to quickly learn to "drive a mile in each other's wheels."