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Release Date: February 22, 2011



February 22, 2011
All-Star Superman releases.

February 17, 2011
Movie Screening
At The
Los Angeles
Paley Center
7:00 pm

February 14, 2011
Movie Screening
At The
New York
Paley Center
6:30 pm

April 18, 2023
4K Blu-ray releases.


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Fortress of Solitude

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In the 20th century, Superman created a secret headquarters in the Arctic amid an isolated mountain range. To ensure no one could enter, the Golden Key to the Fortress required enhanced strength to carry it for miles, then lift it to the doorway, and use it. Superman replaced the key with a smaller version made of dwarf star matter for security reasons. When he is away, robots built in his likeness maintain the Fortress. To Superman, the Fortress is a time capsule and not a museum.

The main lobby houses a giant memorial statue of Superman's parents, Jor-El and Lara, an airship, a cruise liner, the Columbia Shuttle, a giant robot, Kandor, the Bad Penny, a spherical vehicle, and several mannequinns in the likeness of Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Brainiac, Bizarro, Batman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor. An armory houses weapons he confiscated, some of the galaxy's deadliest weapons of mass destruction, such as the Kryptonite Laser, Gravity Gun, Cube of Space, and Centurion helmet. He also maintains a zoo of alien species that he encountered over the years. They are mainly endangered species whose planet was destroyed and Superman feels a kinship to. The Sun-Eater lives in its own gravity pen. Superman keeps a Genetic Library. He used Brainiac's Shrinking Ray to store living samples of every threatened species, within a hundred light years of Earth, in a single drawer.

Other rooms in the Fortress houses the Time Telescope, a device made to peer into the future and another, Super Sewing Machine, the Phantom Zone Projector, and Phantom Zone Map Room. Only those who have the power to see radio-negative antiwaves can see the map.